Gmail features missing from Inbox

Inbox by Gmail is one of Google's latest triumphs, offering a tool that makes email far more productive. Google already revolutionized the concept of electronic messages when they introduced Gmail, bringing such features as bookmarking, archiving, and threading, while integrating it across other products such as Calendar, Chat (Hangouts), Tasks, and its renowned Search. Ten years after launching in 2004, the team introduced a new product, a natural evolution they called "Inbox".

What is Inbox, exactly? If you haven't heard of it, it's a minimalist email service that treats messages like tasks and incorporates "reminders" in a way that transforms your inbox into a glorified to-do list. By enhancing features found in Gmail like starring (now "pinning") and labeling/filtering (now "bundling"), Inbox introduces some new features like "snoozing", letting you push off emails to a more appropriate time (you can even automate the time of day it delivers a bundle). With modest integration with Google Keep (Google's note keeping service), Inbox is on its way to becoming a full Gmail replacement.

While there are some features that carried over from the Gmail or Labs (such as "Undo Send"), there are some things that are sorely missing that keep me from wholly endorsing it. In fact, because it lacks these features, I find myself needing to visit just so I can do configure something within Inbox. Pro tip: *Don't* let it redirect to

I thought I'd list out some features here and update it along the way, in hopes that Google does roll out these features to Inbox.

Create Event from Email
Gmail has a feature under "More" where you can "Create Event", which takes the message body and generates a Google Calendar event, sometimes even with the right timing.

Modify Automated Events Generated From Email
Google does have some automation where it creates events based on tickets and itineraries you receive by email (with links to the emails), but they can't be altered. You either keep it or delete it, which becomes problematic when times don't reflect the actual events (e.g. a weekend long event with specific times).

Search Chats
Gmail used to to take search items and also cross-reference chats by default, or you could use it with "in:chats". It even lets you access your chat history from the sidebar. For some reason Inbox lacks both of these, even though Hangouts is built into the website just like with Gmail.

Muting Threads
For those who navigate email by mouse or touch, you may have grown accustomed to Gmail's mute feature, which allows you to silence a thread from generating notifications for subsequent messages. If you're savvy enough to use the keyboard shortcuts and their vim-like navigation, you can make use of the 'm' key to mute threads, but there doesn't seem to be a more intuitive way to mute a thread.

Mail Filters
If you're fine with bundling, you can almost achieve the level of customizing filters as you did with Gmail, but creating simple filters isn't as it used to be, especially given the options you had before.

I get that Gmail is going for a certain level minimalism with this new product, but for something introducing new features, I really wish Inbox by Gmail had the base base offering as Gmail. But it's a new product, and there is plenty of room for development. I look forward to seeing where things go!

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