I believe in writing beautiful code but understand that it is a craft. Writing good software requires skill and creativity, and I constantly strive to improve my own. I'm passionate about and attentive to all the things I do and believe one can deliver working code in a timely fashion through iterative development.


At my last company, I specialized in Python and Unix for maintaining infrastructure in AWS. For configuration management, I've primarily used Puppet, and Ansible. The platform uses MySQL, Solr, Django, Node.js, and MongoDB across over 300 servers. I also have previous industry experience with Java, OCaml, C++, C, and JavaScript.

Before focusing exclusively on software engineering, I was an automation engineer at Merck, managing several of their robots and inspection systems. This involved several level control and computer vision software to manage Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), such as DeltaV, ATS SmartVision, EISAI Cognex, and Brevetti Nucleo. I also wrote several scripts to transition the department from using paper to electronic documentation for approvals in FirstDoc.

You can find a few of projects on Github, though I participate in several more private projects outside of work.

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