Periodic Table of Elements featuring Final Fantasy

Given the vast cast in the Final Fantasy universe and the series of nerdy "periodic tables" being constructed for various media such as game controllers and Mario, I thought I'd do one in line with the one for video game characters--only exclusively Final Fantasy and featuring the actual periodic table of elements.

The Periodic Table of Elements below features heroes, villains, monsters, summons, and supporting characters from across the main series - from Final Fantasy I through XIII.

Individuals were associated based on their names and the symbol, usually due to spellings, phonetics, or initials (or out of desperation to best fit someone, anyone).

This was the first page that actually went "viral", thanks to Geeokologie picking it up. Eventually people made T-shirts and other merchandise inspired by it (naturally leaving no association to me). It actually inspired me to touch it up and make it interactive (I haven't yet migrated that functionality here, but I will do in due time).

The table was compiled by me, with much of the information and images from The FF Wiki. Characters are property of Square-Enix.

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