Welcome to my world!

 Hi, I'm Rafi Hasib, and I'm a developer and musician residing in New York City. Among other things, I also enjoy reading, exercising, and barbershop.

Currently I'm a software engineer at Bloomberg LP, working in Build Infrastructure, as part of the wider Developer Experience. It's a very rewarding role, focusing on enhancing tools for software developers throughout the company and all over the world.

I spend much of my free time involved in barbershop, mostly with Voices of Gotham, an award-winning, internationally-ranked men's a cappella chorus based in Hell's Kitchen, NY. I also coach, arrange, and do several other music-related activities.

Here you'll find infrequent, long-form posts and other information about my hobbies and interests. If you'd like to get in touch with me, you can reach me at rafi [at] raficus [dot] com.

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