Review: Forgetting Sarah Marshall

This weekend I saw the movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

A surprisingly enjoyable romantic comedy, every bit deserving of its high rating on Rotten Tomatoes. I think what made it more entertaining was that it wasn't so much a "situational" comedy as it was a "realistic" comedy - that is, the humor and conflict seemed to feature reactions that people would have in real life.

Reading a bit on Wikipedia revealed that the movie was nominated for the following back in 2008 (in addition to winning "Funniest Film of 2008" on The Comedy Festival):
  • Movie, Breakout Female: Kristen Bell
  • Movie, Breakout Female: Mila Kunis
  • Movie, Breakout Male: Jason Segel
  • Movie, Actress Comedy: Kristen Bell
  • Movie, Romantic Comedy: Kristen Bell
Some highlights from the movie experience include the following:
  • Characters felt genuine, rather than your typical romantic comedy cardboard cutouts.
  • Seeing Kristen Bell in a more significant role than Heroes ever since the cancellation of Veronica Mars.
  • Learning what Meg Griffin looks like in real life. Yes, I hadn't yet seen Mila Kunis.
  • Realizing how a flower in a girl's hair totally makes me swoon.
  • Really classy dresses.
  • Cleverness abound - dialogue, character development, and plot twists.
Lots of great elements thrown together with just the right balance. Go check it out!

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