Review: Fanboys

I'm not sure how this gem escaped my sight before, but this movie is well worth the watch.

Fanboys was a comedy film that debuted earlier this year. Set in 1998, it stars a lively cast of post-college students who decide to raid Skywalker ranch to steal the rough cut of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace before its worldwide release in theaters. Along the way, they encounter plenty of obstacles and mishaps that you'd expect of a film in the genre. Except this time around it's more of the nerdy, geeky variety that's sure to appeal to the Star Wars fan in you.

Some of the major highlights of the film include the following:
  • It's sort of a cross between Harold and Kumar (with its antics) and Enchanted (with its clever nods to the material).
  • You'll catch plenty of references to other films outside of Star Wars with its settings and casting choices (including fun cameos from famous actors of sci-fi lore and comedies).
  • Despite being a fun ride and a feel-good movie, it actually had a cohesive plot with enough plausible elements (e.g. unlike movies like H&K and The Hangoverthe motivation isn't complete idiocy).
The film was entertaining, and I recommend it, especially if you have a STWing-y personality. Go see it.

Another unexpected selling point? The inclusion of Kristen Bell. Back when starred as Elle (Season 3 of 'Heroes'), the "daddy's little girl" searching for her place in life, she wasn't as appealing. But here, she gets major points for playing the cute, nerdy dream girl. That's the kinda' girl I wanna' meet, looks and personality.

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