Super Mario Advance 4, World E

Once upon a time, Nintendo created the game Super Mario Bros. 3, hailed as the best video game on the NES (Famicom) console. Over the years, this gem had been remade, first with updated graphics in Super Mario All-Stars (SNES) and then in Super Mario Advance 4 (GBA) with updated gameplay earlier in this decade.

Within this game is a special "World E", which featured a lot of throwbacks to past Mario platformers, from the very first NES game through the later games of the SNES era (and even some ideas that would eventually manifest in New Super Mario Bros. Wii). These features, however, could only be unlocked using Nintendo's e-Reader peripheral for Game Boy Advance (and its requisite connector cables).

Nintendo e-Reader, you say? Yeah, exactly. It didn't sell well (I'm not even sure if it made it state-side), so these "lost levels" fell into oblivion, making this a forgotten well-kept secret. A secret that had you miss out on items including pickable vegetables (Mario 2) and cape feather (Mario World).

But to truly experience the nostalgic glory, you'll need to check out this video by copyRighthunter, who compiled every exclusive feature in action for your viewing pleasure. Even if you haven't played all of these games, it's still pretty awesome. Prepare to be amazed with ten minutes of absolute nostalgia.

Exclusive elements from the following other games are present in World E (no more spoilers, just watch!):

This is how Nintendo made the best retro Mario platformer even better (now if only New Super Mario Bros. Wii adopted ideas like this). Maybe later down the road we can get a port of this game to the console...and with multiplayer!

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