Tong. Greatest game ever?

Ever played Tetris?
Ever played Pong?

...Ever played them the same time?

Well, Reilly and came across this game called "Tong" which is exactly that.
  • The Pong part of the game is where you use the mouse to keep the ball (that's moving diagonally) from falling out of the screen.
    • You play two-dimensionally with paddles on all four sides of the board.
    • If you lose the ball, it'll penalize you by adding an incomplete row below the stack.
  • The Tetris part of the game is where you use the arrow keys to move the falling tetrominoes into the right place.
    • As is tradition, completing lines awards you points and advances the level.
    • The ball also interacts with both the falling tetromino and the settled stack.
The tricky part is how the ball interacts with the tetromino and with the stack, as well as how they each react to it, which are four separate behaviors. And every half a minute, one of behaviours change, just to keep you on your toes.

What do I mean by "behavior"? Well, whenever the ball comes into contact with some obstruction, the ball could, say, ignore it, bounce off it, shift it, join it, kill it, kill just the individual point of impact, kill itself, and plenty of combinations of the above.

Here's a screen shot:
In the example, the behaviors indicate that (1) the ball will pass through the tetromino as it travels along its path, but (2) the tetromino will forcibly "move" in the direction the ball was pushing it. With regard to the stack, (3) when the ball comes in contact with the stack, it will "die" and disappear, and (4) the line containing the block it hit will disappear and count toward your points as a completed line (a rare but favorable scenario).

Go visit the Official Tong Website and try to it out (for Windows, Linux - sorry Mac users!)

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