Review: New Super Mario Bros. Wii

Nintendo is going back to its roots, while introducing some innovative play to the mix.

Well, sort of.

A new game will debut in mid-November as an upgrade to the classic NES (i.e. Super Mario Bros.) platforming action. Only this time, it's receiving the graphical upgrade akin to the DS game "New Super Mario Bros" and allowing four players to cooperate and compete on their latest system (hence the name "New Super Mario Bros. Wii" - wow, quite a mouthful).

I really hope this game will be good. Sure, the hands-on previews from KotakuIGN, and Joystiq seem to be fairly positive, but from the limited research (and limited details revealed) I can't help but think that this game is really holding back. In particular, my upfront gripes include:
  • Only two plumbers and two toads? Even Doki Doki Panic Super Mario Bros. 2 had Peach. If they wanted to stick to the "brothers", they could have easily integrated Wario and even given Waluigi his platforming debut.
  • No online multiplayer. Seriously? How else am I supposed to play across the US with Reilly?
Other mini-gripes:
  • Need more power-ups. If the Wii really is a nostalgic console, they could have brought back more of the classics from SMB3. I hope they offer more than the new ice and propeller suits. 
  • Need more retro levels. I do appreciate that the game was built from the ground up, but I sure hope there are some additional levels that pay homage to the NES/SNES days.
    With such hits as Super Mario Galaxy, I understand that it's difficult to capture the same "wow" factor. But having had such flops as Wii Music, Nintendo really ought to try harder to hold onto its fanbase.

    Sure, the last three years have seen record-breaking numbers, allowing Big N to emerge victorious in the console wars, but I wonder if returning to the big leagues has caused them to play it cheap, just so they can sustain their profits.

    It's almost like they've decided they don't want to take any more chances, that it's easier to play it safe.  I understand the rationale, but I also feel they more than enough tools at their disposal to go innovate some more.

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